We assist organizations clarify and execute their strategy & projects.

We tailor the approach for an assignment in close interaction with the client. Often, our recommended approach include increased focus on some of the areas below:

  • Data transparency

  • Shared overview & structure

  • Line of sight to the strategy

  • Getting the right people to the table

  • Clear governance

  • Structured facilitation

  • Roles & responsibilities

  • Aligning goals across the organization

  • Visual scoreboards

  • Trust building & collaboration

  • Breaking down silos

  • Improved use of existing IT systems

  • Business process alignment

  • Change leadership

  • Clear priorities

  • Learning from success patterns & bright spots

Here are some examples on what role we could take:

  • 1

Change leadership support, e.g. for anchoring a new strategy, a new organization or a new way of doing things; in close collaboration with internal stakeholders.

  • 2

Executive facilitation when collaboration is difficult, e.g. parking politics to make the best decisions for the company and collaborating on shared pains and goals.

  • 3

Project execution support on strategic projects with high business or stakeholder complexity , e.g. drive pre-analysis and initial project sign-off, build project execution framework or take the role as project manager.

  • 4

Strategy execution support for senior management, e.g. on translating strategic ambitions into well defined objectives, activities and responsibilities or creating the framework for tracking the execution progress.